GiantKONE, Guardian of Buildings

Today, in busy airports, five-star hotels, sports venues, central commercial plazas, numerous residential communities and countless cities in China, GiantKONE is providing safe, reliable, comfortable, convenient, energy-saving and environment-friendly services for millions of people.

Hebei Tatan International Trading City

Quantity: 231 units

Tatan International Trading City is the largest complex project group in Hebei Province. The total construction area of ​​the project exceeds 3 million square meters. GiantKONE Elevator provided 231 elevators for Tatan International Trading City.

Yili Wenzhou International Hotel Comprehensive Garden

Quantity: 23 units

Yili Wenzhou International Hotel is located in downtown Yili City. Yili scenic spots include Künes Grassland, Tangbula Grassland, Narati Pastureland and Zhaosu Grassland; Wusun Mound Tombs in the Bronze Age, the relics of Alalimali, a famous city in Kara-Khitan Khanate, the relics of Gongyue City in the Tang Dynasty, as well as many landscapes such as Gedeng Mountain Tablet inscribed by Emperor Qianlong, General Yili’s Mansion, Huiyuan Bell and Drum Tower, Lin Zexu Memorial, etc.

Nanjing Technology Venture Business Center (Sasseur)

Quantity: 80 units

After Sasseur, a commercial complex known as the “Art Outlet”, settled in Nanjing and completed the construction, the exterior adopts the ancient city wall design with great historical sense, while the interior feature is inspired by "Moonlight of Lotus Pond" from Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing. With a total construction area of 200,000 square meters, "Sasseur" is a super large outlet complex with full range of international brands. GiantKONE provided 80 elevators, including machine room-less elevators, sightseeing elevators and escalators.

Xingyue Global Harbor Mall, Changzhou

Quantity: 74 units

Xingyue Global Harbor Mall, Changzhou is one of the important projects that mark the development of “Yueing Group” in large city commercial complexes. It is a landmark and also the first transportation hub-type super shopping mall in Changzhou City. GiantKONE provided 74 elevators for the project.

U-Park Future Network Incubator Building

Quantity: 35 units

With a total planned area of 4.62 square kilometers, U-Park Future Network Incubator Building is located at the intersection of the development “Golden axis” and the high-speed innovation economic growth belt around the city from the South Railway Station of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Rail to Lukou International Airport in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. It is in the central position in Jiangning District and the core area of “Shangqinhuai” planning. GiantKONE elevator provided a total of 35 elevators including escalators, small machine room and machine room-less passenger elevators.

Yichang Xinhua Plaza

Quantity: 57 units

Located in the core of the central residential district, Yichang Xinhua Plaza is a large-scale urban complex project with the collection of 5A Grade office buildings, 5-star branded hotels, leisure international shopping centers, and high-end quality residences. GiantKONE provided 57 escalators, including small machine room passenger elevators, machine room-less passenger elevators, escalators and freight elevators, etc.

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