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Little things matter in safety

GiantKONE has always upheld the concept of “Safety matters” in daily production and life. We firmly believe that accidents can be prevented.

In GiantKONE, all employees are working hard all the time to achieve zero safety accident. We are committed to providing services in a responsible and safe manner, keeping our employees, partners and end users away from harm.

Safety is the prerequisite for our business development. "Safe" environment is indispensable for any corporate business. We create safer workplaces, comply with work-related safety regulations and codes, and strictly enforce safety management. Safety concept is thoroughly implemented in the design, production, installation and maintenance of elevator solutions at all times.

GiantKONE also actively responds to KONE Corporation’s Safety Week activities and launches a series of safety activities in the company every May. It allows our employees, customers and partners to vigorously embrace GiantKONE’s safety culture, delivering safety positive energy with the action of every one of us.

Safety Tips

Elevator is an essential vertical transport tool for modern people. Taking the elevator in the right way ensures everyone’s riding safety and comfort.

Taking escalator:

Children should hold hands with adults when taking escalator.

Stand facing the movement direction. Both feet should stay away from the edge of the steps.

Hand should be rested on the handrail. Leave the escalator quickly when it reaches the exit.

Fasten the shoelaces, take the umbrellas, etc. properly, and pay attention to the loose clothes to avoid being nipped.

Waiting for elevator:

Press the up/down landing call button outside the landing door gently.

When waiting for the elevator, do not stand against the door. Do not push the landing door by hands or kick it by feet.

When entering the car, make sure the elevator is in the leveling position.

Do not take the elevator in case of fire, earthquake or other emergencies.

Taking elevator:

When the elevator is overloaded, please take the initiative to exit and take the next one.

Children must be accompanied by an adult when taking the elevator. Pets should be led on the leash nearby.

In case of elevator failure, press the emergency button and do not attempt to open the elevator door by force.

Do not jump wildly or quarrel and fight noisily in the car.

Elevator Safety Game

A Children's Game for Entertainment - Rescue Little Mouse Max by KONE

KONE has launched a children’s game for entertainment – Rescue Little Mouse

You can download the App "Above the Clouds with Max & Bob". KONE's safety mascots

Max and Bob will help children take the elevator/escalator safely on the mobile phone or tablet computer.

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