Meet our employees

Deng Guang

Chongqing Branch - Sales Director

Education represents your past, financial capacity represents your current efforts, and learning ability represents your future achievements. Only if we combine the knowledge that we have learned in the college with practice, test the truth with practice, and have strong ability to handle basic practices and comparative system of professional knowledge can we be more outstanding at work. I firmly believe that I can bring value to the company and I wish the company a better tomorrow.

Ji Wen

Contract Review - Contract Modify Supervisor

Only by working hard can we learn more. Any skills and knowledge you acquire may become your survival tool in the future. Work is not only a means of survival, but also a guarantee of a happy life. Work hard, live each day with passion, do everything well, there will be gains someday. In the days of GiantKONE, I learned a lot of skills and knowledge. I will continue to work with gratitude and enjoy my work.

Zhang Yeqing

Huzhou Branch - Head of Maintenance Site

As a project director, I feel responsible for great responsibilities. I must fulfill my duties with due diligence efficiently and lead by example. With full enthusiasm and passion for work, I work hard to create a new work situation and facilitate various engineering work of the branch to achieve leapfrog development. “Craftsmanship spirit” is what makes a learning-oriented team successful. My team and I achieved outstanding results in the “Professional Cup” elevator maintenance skill competition in Huzhou City in 2016 and defended the honor for GiantKONE.

Zhang Lei

Tianjing Branch - Manager

Communicate with customers sincerely, and always put customers' demand first. I won customers’ unwavering confidence in cooperating with GiantKONE again and again with my wisdom and perseverance. Faith moves mountains. I overfulfilled the sales target for three consecutive years and made great contribution to Beijing Branch in winning the landmark project of National Centre of Chinese Traditional Culture.

Wang Keqi

Escalator Product and Supplier Quality Management Manager

In the summer of July 1995, I graduated from Huzhou Second Light Technical College majoring in benchwork. With strong curiosity on escalator equipment, I joined the company as an intern and was engaged in the installation of escalators. After one-year internship, I found myself deeply in love with this company and determined to contribute my own strength to this innovative and cohesive company.

Wang Chao

Nanxun Factory-Operator

In the early summer of 2007, I joined the company and grew from an immature kid to a head of installation in the escalator workshop and a pioneer of fine craftsmanship. Apart from busy work, I actively participate in leisure activities organized by the company, such as photography, cycling, etc., to enrich leisure cultural life and promote team communication.

Campus recruitment - Youth arena

Looking back at the development of GiantKONE over the past ten years, we have been working hard constantly. Talent is the most important resource for a company and the key to our success. Therefore, the establishment of talent pool with the characteristics of GiantKONE and the cultivation of talents in key positions is the priority for company to achieve long-term, healthy and sustainable development.

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At GiantKONE, we work together to make the city a better place to live. Delivering the best people flow experience in urban life requires talented and ambitious personnel. If career path is a journey, as a traveler, how can you press ahead to make a difference? Are you ready to join GiantKONE family?


Interview and assessment

Final selection


Interview and assessment

Final selection

Every summer, we will start campus recruitment. You can follow us and send application through the general recruitment websites, such as,,,, etc.
Interview and assessment
After you have passed the phone interview and online assessment, we will invite the most suitable candidates for an interview. The second round of interviews is usually organized by the direct department manager. And you will be invited to participate the interview at the corresponding department or branch.
Final selection
After determining the final candidate, we will notify you by email or telephone. The duration of recruitment process may vary due to different factors. Hence, we cannot provide you with the exact time of receiving the final admission notice.
You can directly apply for any vacancies published on our job search page. If you visit our job search page for the first time, you will be instructed to create a personal account before applying for a job. Alternatively, you can login or, search for the related job opening and submit an application.
Interview and assessment
After you complete and submit the online application, local HR department and direct department manager will review the application form one by one and invite the most suitable candidates for an interview. Before the interview, we will invite you to participate in online assessment according to the job requirements. We may conduct multiple rounds of interviews until the final candidate is determined.
Final selection
After determining the final candidate, we will notify you by email or telephone. The duration of recruitment process may vary due to different factors. Hence, we cannot provide you with the exact time of receiving the final admission notice. At the same time, we will conduct a background survey for comprehensive assessment.

Why do I need to create an account? Is it necessary?

If you are applying for a job vacancy of KONE for the first time, you need to create a personal account. After creating an account, you can follow up with your application status, and also use your application form and documents repeatedly to apply for other positions.

What documents/information do I need to provide when filling out the application form?

When filling out the application form, you need to provide a resume/CV, as well as your educational background, work experience, skill level and other related information. It is very important to fill in all the information related to the job application, as this will be showin in your personal profile. You can submit your resume and other supporting documents in doc, docx, txt, html and pdf formats.

Do you accept open applications?

Open application is not accepted. All applications should correspond to the specific vacancies.

What browser do you recommend for filling out the application form?

You can use any browser to access our job application page.

What formats are required for the attachment I upload?

Resumes and other supporting documents can be sent in .doc, .docx, .txt, .html and .pdf formats.

What are GiantKONE’s criteria for talent selection?

GiantKONE have different requirements for different positions. But in general, we first look at whether the candidate meets the requirements for job qualifications in job description when we select talents. And we also look at whether the talents comply with GiantKONE’s values.

When is the annual sales management trainee program open for application?

Our sales management trainee program will be launched in every summer vacation. Applications can be submitted through major online recruitment websites from October.

How do I know that GiantKONE has received my application form?

Our system will automatically send a confirmation to the email you provided on the application form. Please make sure to provide your email address correctly.

What professional development and competition mechanism does GiantKONE have?

GiantKONE always take care of the development of employees from a long-term perspective. And GiantKONE will work with you to develop a career development plan that will allow you to fully tap your potential. To achieve this purpose better, the key factor is the KPI evaluation that we perform for our employees every year. This is a good opportunity for you and your supervisor to review and evaluate your personal performance and expectations, discuss areas where further improvement is needed, and clarify your personal development plan. It will not only help you maximize your performance at the current position, but also encourage you to improve yourself continuously with a brighter future.

How can I check the status of my application?

To check the status of your application, or to use your information repeatedly to apply for other positions, you need to login your account on the job search page. Click "View Profile" to check your application status under "My Application".

Can I modify my application form before the end of the application period?

No, you can only view the status of your application after you submit your application.

How can I change my account password?

If you have forgotten your password, click "Login" in the top right corner of the job search page, and then click "Forgot Password". You will receive an email for resetting your password.

If we don’t get feedback immediately from GiantKONE after we have submitted my resumes, where do our data go? Does GiantKONE regard the working seniority required in JD very important?

All resumes submitted are stored in the company's talent pool. Once there are new vacancies, we will promptly match and search in the talent pool. The working seniority can help us understand the candidate’s experience and qualifications. For positions that require professional skills, we pay more attention to the corresponding experience and skills.

What is the interview process for sales management trainee? Where will I receive an interview notice?

After you apply online, our HR personnel will contact you by telephone. The interview will be divided into four stages including online assessment, telephone interview, first interview and second interview. After you pass the interviews, our HR personnel will contact you with an offer.

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