GiantKONE is always there for you

GiantKONE strives to improve every aspect of equipment from design to maintenance, and provides the best products and services. We will always be there for you with the most reliable, considerate and refined services throughout.

From component update to whole equipment replacement, we strive to provide our customers with the most reliable products and services.


When elevators and escalators are getting old, they can no longer meet the passenger requirements. We suggest that modernization should be taken into consideration.

No matter it is a residential building, hotel or public building, we can provide tailor-made solutions. Because we focus on:

Safety first

GiantKONE applies advanced intelligent system to closely monitor all components before, during and after the elevator operation. We protect the entire riding process.

Space efficiency

GiantKONE carries forward KONE’s world leading machine room-less and small machine room technology to greatly improve space utilization, effectively reduce construction costs, and save construction time and materials.

Green and energy-saving

Modernization can significantly improve the energy efficiency of elevators and escalators. Adhering to the product development concept of "Energy saving and environmental protection", GiantKONE applies the advanced energy feedback technology in the product drive system to convert the potential energy in the operation into electric energy, to achieve regeneration and utilization of energy.

Fine appearance

With extraordinary design, GiantKONE products have personalized styles to meet the diverse needs of customers and adapt to different building styles. GianKONE presents perfect combination and harmonious unity of reliable quality and delicate visual aesthetics.

GiantKONE will send professional technicians to conduct on-site surveys to meet the renovation needs of customers. For elevators with poor ride experience, high failure rate and service life of over 15 years, if expected cost efficiency cannot be achieved through partial renovation after technical confirmation, we recommend the existing energy-efficient whole elevator/escalator replacement program.

GiantKONE Machine Room-less Elevator

GiantKONE carries forward KONE's world leading machine room-less technology and has created brand new GPN60K, GPN63E and other machine room-less elevators to effectively save space, construction time and materials, while facilitating subsequent maintenance at the same time.

GiantKONE Small Machine Room Elevator

GiantKONE adopts KONE LCE™ control system or GiantKONE GCE™ control system to create brand new GPS33K, GPS33E and other small machine room elevators with high leveling precision, low running noise to fully achieve green energy and space efficiency.


After survey and evaluation, if technicians confirm that the overall condition of the elevator is good, and only partial replacement of the subsystems is required to improve the elevator performance and ride experience significantly, we will recommend the modular modernization program.


Hoist system

Control system

Door system

Car decoration


Drive system

Step chain

Control cabinet



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