Create a more beautiful world

GiantKONE is not only committed to improve the flow of urban life, but also to creating a more beautiful world

Sharing the green future

With the ever-increasing world population, the rapid changes in people’s production and lifestyle and the advancement of economic integration, global climate is facing more and more severe challenges. In the face of environmental changes, low carbon green life has become a lifestyle that people yearn for.

GiantKONE is committed to promoting sustainable development with green productivity and fulfilling social responsibility with green campaigns, bringing new value to the society, businesses and individuals.

Green energy-saving technology

GiantKONE upholds the product development concept of "Skills and environmental protection" and integrates green concept into the design, R&D, manufacturing, delivery and other aspects, to constantly provide our customers with innovative, safe, high-quality and energy-efficient products.


GiantKONE's full range of elevator products has obtained the Class A certificate of "Elevator energy efficiency certification standards". GiantKONE machine room and small machine room products are all based on the platform of permanent magnet synchronous traction technology, as the paradigm in terms of space saving, safety, reliability and energy saving.

High efficiency and energy saving service

GiantKONE installs tens and thousands of elevators each year. Our goal is to ensure that installation services are carried out in an energy-efficient manner. We have promoted efficient and environment-friendly installation process throughout the country, which has reduced the manpower, materials and time required for installation. We formulate standardized on-site environmental requirements, treat on-site waste in an efficient and environment-friendly manner, and have clear solutions for the disposal of hazardous waste.


By optimizing the distribution network, improving management plan and adopting environment-friendly vehicles, GiantKONE fleet can reduce the exhaust emissions by 3% every year and significantly increase the efficiency at the same time. We strive to build a highly efficient, environment-friendly service fleet.

Green operating environment

GiantKONE is committed to reducing waste in production and office work. All the waste generated in factories is properly collected and recycled by a third-party company with relevant qualifications. We have invested a total of 5 million yuan on replacing all lamps into energy-saving ones in all branches across the country and carried out office energy conservation and emission reduction campaigns throughout the country to reduce office electricity and paper consumption. Now, GiantKONE can reduce its electricity and paper consumption by 1% each year, which is equivalent to saving a month's electricity consumption for 200 households and 10 tons of high-quality wood.

Carbon footprint management

GiantKONE has been adopting more environment-friendly new technologies and more efficient management model. We have consistently measured and performed statistics on the carbon footprint emissions of all branches and factories in the country and set annual carbon footprint reduction target. We are dedicated to make GiantKone a more environment-friendly company by improving the utilization of energy and materials, reducing the consumption of water and electricity resources and the amount of waste generated, etc. Now GiantKone can reduce its carbon footprint by more than 3% each year.

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