GiantKONE is always there for you

GiantKONE strives to improve every aspect of equipment from design to maintenance, and provides the best products and services. We will always be there for you with the most reliable, considerate and refined services throughout.

Fine service. We are always there for you.

In modern life, elevators provide people with comfortable daily transport service. To ensure the safe operation of elevators, GiantKONE strives to improve every aspect of equipment from design to maintenance, and provides the best products and services.  From customer's civil construction to the lifelong service of products, GiantKONE provides the most reliable, attentive and fine services throughout.

Service before sales

GiantKONE has branches throughout the country and a perfect service network. When you choose GiantKONE products, you have chosen the best possible after-sales service. Where there are GiantKONE products, there are our maintenance service outlets, with our services close at hand.

Learn about national service network

ONECALL hotline responds quickly to your inquiry

Well-trained customer care representatives answer your calls 24/7. They understand your equipment and conditions and provide you with accurate services through a nationwide network of identification code system. ONECALL hotline (400-886-1188) responses quickly to your inquiry 24/7/365.

Remote monitoring

GiantKONE remote monitoring service transmitted information and data of elevators, escalator equipment and various monitoring service centers through remote wireless technology. 24-hour real-time monitoring of important equipment operating parameters and equipment operating status is performed to identify equipment fault at the first moment and quickly send staff for troubleshooting onsite immediately.

Fine maintenance

We have standardized maintenance operation units tailored for elevators and escalators. With our careful maintenance, the service life of your product will be greatly extended. Meanwhile, more value-added services can be provided to protect your equipment.

Mission accomplished at the first moment

Our maintenance technicians from all over the country are well-trained and have professional skills to ensure that the most comprehensive and highest quality service can be provided to you at the first moment.

Spare parts supply

Our three-tiered spare parts storage and extensive supply network covering the whole country can provide sufficient spare parts through the whole product service life, trouble free guaranteed.

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