GiantKONE, Guardian of Buildings

Today, in busy airports, five-star hotels, sports venues, central commercial plazas, numerous residential communities and countless cities in China, GiantKONE is providing safe, reliable, comfortable, convenient, energy-saving and environment-friendly services for millions of people.

Tianjin Sunac • Central Academy

Quantity: 215 units

Central Academy is developed by Sunac Group. The eaves of the entire project adopt the neo-classical architectural style. The design reflects the elegance, steadiness and luxury of building eaves, which further enhances the detail quality of high-end product. GiantKONE Elevator provided 215 elevators to Sunac • Central Academy.

Lanzhou Jujin Yayuan

Quantity: 35 units

Located east of Liujiatan in Chengguan District, Jujin Yayuan has a total planned land area of ​​71,336.90 m2 and total construction area of ​​about 397,981.71 m2. The construction content of Jujin Yayuan includes 14 high-rise residential buildings (including some residential building annexes along street, shops, etc.), a complex building (25 floors), a kindergarten and an underground garage. GiantKONE Elevators Co., Ltd. provides 35 elevators.

Hualing Mansion

Quantity: 66 units

Hualing Mansion is located in the core area of ​​Urumqi City, Xinjiang. It has strong cultural atmosphere in the surrounding area, complete supporting facilities and beautiful environment. The project integrates the planning of the entire project area with the ecological natural landscape language. At the same time, it creates a differentiated high-end landscape full of modern neo-classical dignity and demonstrates poetic and pictorial splendor to fully meet people's desire and pursuit of nature. GiantKONE provided a total of 66 elevators for the project, including small machine room elevators, machine room-less elevators and escalators.

Zhonghe Group Zhonghe Residential Building District

Quantity: 640 units

Zhonghe New Town project is planned based on Zhonghe Grain Deep Processing Park according to the concept of “Complementation of industry and agriculture, linkage between production and city, coordinated development”. The total planned area is 11 million square meters, total investment 6 billion yuan. It can accommodate 80,000 people after completion. As the creator of perfect people flow, GiantKONE has won an order for 640 sets of elevators for Zhonghe New Town, the National Rural Demonstration Project and will provide first-class people flow solutions for Zhonghe New Town.

Sunac Shihu Taohuayuan

Quantity: 101 units

Sunac Shihu Taohuayuan is located in the core of Gusu District, endowed with 260,000 m2 Shihu scenic area, 3.6 km2 lake view and 10 km leisure lake shoreline. Including two ultimate real estate products, villas and house, it is the only low-density new Chinese villas in the national Shihu scenic area. This time, GiantKONE provided 101 GPN63E machine room-less passenger elevators for Sunac Shihu Taohuayuan.

Tangye Greenland City, Jinan

Quantity: 138 units

Tangye Greenland City is the first large-scale residential district developed by Greenland Group in the Eastern New District, Jinan, where premises developed by multiple real estate developers are clustered. Greenland City is one of the earliest and largest for sale. It has completed three phases so far, using 138 GiantKONE small machine room passenger elevators. And the contract signing of 52 elevators for phase IV project is on-going currently.

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