GiantKONE, Guardian of Buildings

Today, in busy airports, five-star hotels, sports venues, central commercial plazas, numerous residential communities and countless cities in China, GiantKONE is providing safe, reliable, comfortable, convenient, energy-saving and environment-friendly services for millions of people.

Sanya Phoenix International Airport

Quantity: 16 units

It is the only civil airport in southern Hainan Island, with 154 routes and 17 million passenger trips per year.

Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, Hainan

Quantity: 83 units

China Wenchang Rocket Launch Center Project (referred to as Project 078 for short) is the fourth international spacecraft launch base for rockets and satellites after Xichang, Jiuquan and Taiyuan. The project is under the jurisdiction of the General Armament Department of the People's Liberation Army and a key national project. A total of 83 GiantKONE elevators are used in the project, including 13 for the “Rocket vertical assembly testing workshops”, 1 for the “Space command center set facility”, and 69 for the “Space command center office building, apartment building and supporting facilities”, involving all kinds of load small machine room/machine room-less elevators and escalators

Xining Beikuo Center Square

Quantity: 29 units

After the completion of Beikuo Center Square, it will build a structure for constructing a landscape city in Xining, evacuating crowded central area, expanding the urban public space, and enhancing the taste and image of the city of Xining. GiantKONE provides 29 elevators for it.

Shenyang Culture and Art Center

Quantity: 41 units

Shenyang Culture and Arts Center is another landmark building following Shenyang Olympic Sports Center Stadium constructed at the intersection of the Golden Corridor and the Silver Belt of Shenyang City. Shenyang Culture and Arts Center is located west of the Wuai Hunhe River Tunnel, east of Youth Avenue, north of the Hunhe River, south of the Second Ring Road, covering an area of ​​about 65,000 square meters. GiantKONE provided 41 elevators including sightseeing elevators, escalators and passenger elevators for the project.

Changchun Metro Line 1 Project

Quantity: 124 units

Changchun Metro Line 1 is a north-to-south rail transit backbone line in Changchun Rail Transit Line Network. As the first subway project in Changchun, it has attracted great attention since its construction. It has formed a fast rail transit corridor, bringing great convenience to people’s travel. GiantKONE provided 124 public transport escalators for the subway.

National Centre of Chinese Traditional Culture

Quantity: 50 units

National Centre of Chinese Traditional Culture is the first state-level museum in the Olympic Park. As a landmark on the central axis of Beijing, the center is centralized display of the essence of Chinese traditional culture. It has become an international, iconic and open new public welfare cultural facility. GiantKONE provided 50 elevators for National Centre of Chinese Traditional Culture, including escalators, small machine room and machine room-less elevators.

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