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GiantKONE is constantly committed to provide high quality solutions for urban passenger flow. From full-range customized products to the world-class elevator and escalator research ,development, manufacturing, installation, maintenance technology, and to the diversified visual design, we strive to provide our customers with new experience.

Create possibility with limited space

Process, material, structure, point, line and plane artistic representation. Appreciate the realm of life in luxury and honor, enjoy the quality life in elegance and exquisiteness, and feel the true meaning of life in conciseness and simplicity. Rich personalized styles can meet the diverse needs of customers, achieving the harmonious unity of reliable inner quality and exquisite visual beauty.


Beautiful scenery accompanies a smooth and comfortable ride.


Beautiful scenery accompanies a smooth and comfortable ride. GiantKONE Scenic Elevator is exquisitely decorated, rich in personalized style to meet the diverse needs of customers. The Scandinavian-style industrial design harmonizes the reliable inner quality with the exquisite visual beauty.


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