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  • 2005 Xunzhi Road,
    Nanxun Economic
    Development Zone,
    Huzhou, Zhejiang
    Province,P.R. China

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Comprehensive branch network

GiantKONE has branches all over the country, and in turn, has set up a wide service network of expert professionals. When you choose one of our products, you are choosing the best after-sales service. Where there is a GiantKONE product, a maintenance service site is never far away.

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Achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction is our core service principle. To this end, we strictly control the entire installation process and strive to make sure that all customers obtain the most reliable performance, advanced technology and value in our elevator products.

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In today’s world, the elevator plays an essential role in the daily life of its passengers. To ensure the safe operation of each elevator, GiantKONE drives for excellence and strives to make every aspect of production, from design to maintenance, close to perfection. From the beginning of building construction, to the many years of elevator operation, GiantKONE provides the most reliable and attentive service to its customers.
Today, GiantKONE is closely monitored by an international quality management system (ISO9001), environmental management system (ISO14001), occupational health and safety (OHSAS18001) and the European Union CE certification of enterprises.

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